About  1836 Ironworks

Learn more about our story & what we hope to be to our community as a custom arms provider.

Who We Are

The origins for the shop came from a reoccurring conversation about the concept of custom firearms. The term is extremely overused, because most custom builds are in fact mass produced clones of each other with the only real difference being an option or color. The decision to start this company and dive head first came in November of 2014. Many hurdles and an abundance of red tape had to be navigated to get to where we are now, but after two years we are finally making strides on the path we desired to be on, which is a small custom firearms manufacturing company.

Our name came from the historical revolution of The Republic of Texas winning its independence from Mexico and in those times a gunsmith was typically a blacksmith and ironworker also. They were jacks of all trades and that is the direction we decided to veer. Capable of anything, but not fixated on everything. Our desire is to bring back the specialized skill set that revolutionized the early firearms industry. As a disabled veteran owned and operated company, we also aim to employ as many veterans as possible.

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