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What Makes Us Different?

Here’s a couple things that set us apart from the other guys and keeps our customers coming back for more.

No-Pressure Sales Experience

We all have experienced the “big box store” guy behind the counter that is always aggressive and pushy for products they have limited knowledge about and are not qualified to speak on and that is if you can find someone to help. At 1836 Ironworks, we focus on what you want & need, not just making a sale. Your needs are our priority.

Virtually Unlimited Inventory

Typically, with the other guys, the selection is typically whatever is on the shelf, which more times than not, is extremely limited and only meets some of the criteria the customer is looking for. With further takes away from anything being truly custom. At 1836 Ironworks, we focus on custom firearms, getting you the firearm that is specifically designed & custom for you.

Lifelong Trust & Truly Customized Service

The experience for a novice shooter or even a recreational shooter is many times one where the customer is left feeling embarrassed rather than informed and educated. At 1836 Ironworks we want to earn your business and your friendship for life. We want you to feel like family when you come in, whether you are just getting started with firearms or are a champion 3-gun shooter, it makes no difference to what you spend as long as you are completely satisfied with your experience. Customer service is absolutely our top priority; alongside a superior product and that is a not sales point, it is our way of life.

Our Work

Check out our masterpieces & what makes us unique.

To see more, visit our full gallery here.

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